DAKA-TEX: production and realization of yarn from uzbek cotton

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Russian foreign enterprise "DAKA-TEX" was created in early 2008 in the Republic of Uzbekistan in Samarkand city.

The main activity of enterprise is production of ring spun, carded, 100% cotton yarn.

Range of construction, installation and commissioning works were finished by the end of 2009. Now days high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers such as Rieter, Jossi, Savio, Uster is installed to produce high quality yarn.

The company is focused on production of 100% cotton yarn linear density (number) from Ne 20/ 1 to Ne 32 / 1 for weaving and knitting purposes. The volume of production is 200-300 tons per month and depends on yarn liner density.

For yarn production high grade cotton fiber which have been grown up in most favorable for cotton growing regions of Republic Uzbekistan – Bukhara, Samarkand, Kashkadaria and Surkhandarya areas is used.

We have customers importing our products from different countries such as: Turkey, Russia, China, Germany and others.

We aspire to establish long-lasting and perspective relations with our customers, constantly supporting quality of products at the highest level and applying the flexible price policy.


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Our yarn for our customers!

For our clients we offer high-quality cotton yarn, which meets the highest international standards, at the best price!

Quality control!

The specialists of our factory are constantly controlling produced yarn, that allows us to create high quality product!